Wednesday, November 02, 2005

When I Found You, Part 5

The past month has brought an unusual number of weird search terms that tickled my fancy and brought readers to this blog. Let them speak for themselves:

2007 Academy Award predictions

antonin scalia dracula

charlottesville daily progress pedophile

did alan greenspan sleep with ayn rand

Dog caricatures for hire, Denver

eerie baby names

Jackie Gleason
- The Ku Klux Klan

marcusian jury

most famous things in gabon

nude charlottesville

pile of racial cat

post prom sex stories

real vs fake christmas trees blogs

sample lesbian pee clips

sponge bob first they came for tinky winky

teenage cook suckers (look twice at that one -- RS)

the faith that launched a thousand ships

waistband jpg
A few seemed to belong in clusters, such as these:
circumcised teens picture gallery

euan blair circumcised

moffatts circumcised

penis nullification thailand

And these:
male enhancement evita

viagra pills does it have any sing offices
And these:
Jerry Kilgore annoying automated phone calls

angst kaine angst film

Kilgore gay closet

spongebob and jerry kilgore
And these, too:
caged gay soldiers

corey clark
gay fantasy

gay men chat gay men chat world series winner in 1917

gay hampden-sydney men

gays going to hell

teenage gay boys
And some were just meandering:
a clever news paper title including a poet involved in a drink driving accident

what are the pros and cons for each apply might you approach this issue with your teenager?
Come back in December for more odd and odder search terms.

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