Tuesday, December 06, 2005


While lunching yesterday at an outdoor cafe in West Hollywood with my friend, screenwriter Dan Blatt (who blogs as "GayPatriotWest"), he mentioned that his blog, GayPatriot, is up for a Weblog award, and urged me to vote for it as "Best LGBT Blog."

I accommodated Dan's request, and then discovered that a few more blogs created and produced by friends and acquaintances are up for awards, too.

In the "Best Conservative Blog" category, Chad Dotson's Commonwealth Conservative is one of the nominees.

In the "Best of the Top 250 Blogs" category, the group blog, QandO ("Questions and Observations"), is nominated. I met QandO's Jon Henke at the Virginia bloggers' conference in August. Virginia Postrel's Dynamist blog is also nominated in this category; I mentioned that site a few days ago in my posting about dynamism vs. stasis. (Both Jon and Virginia deserve applause for reaching that top tier of much-visited blogs, regardless of how they fare in the contest.)

Commonwealth Conservative and QandO are members of the Old Dominion Blog Alliance.

The voting for the 2005 Weblog Awards continues through December 15 in these and other categories. You are permitted to vote once in each category per 24 hour period.

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