Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fantasy vs. Reality?

In my brief report on the new documentary film, Jesus Camp, which was screened at the Virginia Film Festival, I pointed out how the pastor in the film warns against imaginary "warlocks" and states that if Harry Potter had been around in Old Testament times, he would have been "put to death."

I saw that movie on Sunday morning, not finding out until later in the day that Parade magazine, the Sunday supplement carried by many U.S. newspapers, reported on efforts to ban Harry Potter books from school libraries:

Now there’s an effort to pull the world’s most popular wizard, Harry Potter, from school libraries in Gwinnett County, Ga. Why? Some parents say kids can’t tell fantasy from reality and will try casting spells on classmates.
"Casting spells on classmates"? Who's having difficulty telling fantasy from reality here? (Hint: It's the parents who believe in magic spells, not the kids who like reading adventure stories.)

Those parents must be the product of government schools, where critical thinking is in short supply.

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TrvlnMn said...

Evangelical Mega-pastor Ted Haggard (featured in "Jesus Camp") has been forced to resign after he admitted purchasing Methamphetamines from a male prostitute who alleges that Haggard has been paying for sex with the male prostitute for the last 3 years.

Although it should be noted that the prostitute flunked a polygraph on the sex allegation.

ABC news has the story.