Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Greetings from Your President

The first holiday greeting card of the 2006 season arrived in my snail-mailbox today. To my surprise, the envelope had a return address of "The White House, Washington, D.C. 20500" and a postmark of "Crawford, TX":

The card inside was signed -- OK, it was an autopen or even a printing-press facsimile signature -- by George and Laura Bush:

As one might expect, the back of the card informs us that it was "Paid for by the Republican National Committee. WWW.GOP.COM. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee." (We're also told that the picture on the front is an oil painting by James Blake entitled "The Oval Office in December.")

I'm a bit puzzled. Not by the heavy snow on the White House lawn in December, since that's just artistic license, and there are rare early snows in Washington that could serve as the basis of this painting.

My puzzlement stems, rather, from the fact that I am not a big financial contributor to the Republican Party, and I have never received a White House Christmas card in the past. I know that the list of recipients is limited to only a few thousand people, and most of them are top-dollar donors to the GOP. So how did my name get on the list?

I'm not complaining -- just curious.

It looks like now I'll have to add the Bushes to my own Christmas card list. It would be so gauche not to reciprocate.


TrvlnMn said...

As a FWIW - I thought it was interesting to note that James Blake is a Texas based artist. So I'm guessing that the card must have also been a commissioned work.

There isn't much on the internet about him and all I could find was found here.

Roci said...

It must be because you are so influential.

Rich N. said...

The GOP has gotten very clever at targetting based upon publicly available databases of prospective voters. Have you been buying Dr. Pepper recently?

Rick Sincere said...

Um, no. I'm allergic to Dr. Pepper and haven't even tasted it in years. I prefer Coca-Cola products.

Maybe the White House and the RNC are subtly reaching out to gay voters or election officials. (Take your pick.)