Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Snotos

Whether you call it snowmaggedon, snowpocalypse, or snOMG, the white stuff that fell on Central Virginia last night (and that is still falling) will be remembered for many decades to come. This is the snowstorm of the century, the sort of snow that inspires Santa Claus to call on Rudolph in order to save Christmas.

Snow like this brings back memories of my boyhood in Milwaukee, and even in those vast reaches of history there are few snowncidents that stick out as so deep, or as so quickly accumulated.

Last night I posted some snotos that were taken about six hours after the snow first began falling in Charlottesville. What you see below are photographs I took at about 1:15 this afternoon, or about 21 hours past the outset of snowfall.

Face it, folks: this is a storm that today's schoolkids will be telling their grandchildren about. The Charlottesville Newsplex (Channel 19) reported these measurements from around Central Virginia as of 11:30 this morning:

Wintergreen 30"
North Garden 24"
Esmont 23"
Covesville 22"
Greenbrier Drive 22"
Ruckersville - 22"
Nortonsville - 21"
Ivy 21"
Rio Road 20"
Scottsville 20"
Crozet 20"
Afton 20"
North Albemarle 20"
Free Union 20"
Downtown Mall 18"
UVA Grounds 18"
Lake Monticello 18"
Meade Park 18"
Woodridge 17"
Fluvanna 17"

Since I live about equidistant from the downtown mall and the UVA Grounds, the snow in my yard must be about 18 inches deep -- though I would guess it's a bit more than that by now, perhaps as much as 22 or 23 inches.

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