Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Twin Anniversaries

It would be a shame if I let this month end without first acknowledging two December anniversaries that mark important milestones in my life.

In December 1999 -- ten years ago -- I moved to Charlottesville from Arlington. At the urging of my friend, Eric Strzepek, I bought a house here. (It was only a coincidence that Eric was also my real estate agent.) The closing was actually in October, but my move-in did not occur until the weekend of December 10.

It's hard to believe, but in those years before the housing bubble burst, I was able to obtain a 2,200-square foot house for a price substantially smaller than the one asked for the 800-square foot condominium I had been living in since early 1990. I haven't looked at real estate listings in Arlington lately, but I suspect that, even with the threefold increase in value of my house, it would still be cheaper to buy in Charlottesville than in Pentagon City.

The second anniversary worth noting could also be called a blogoversary: On Friday, December 17, 2004, I began blogging. Some 1,215 posts later, here we are.

How about that?

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J. Tyler Ballance said...

Hey Rick,

I was talking with the Bill Fleming campaign when he says something about being affiliated with, " LGBT group..."

Then I said, What?I thought it was GLBT? I wish you guys would get together in some sort of a convention and get your acronym straightened out.

I thought I was, as usual making a humorous, even Sienfeldian, observation. Instead of laughing, the guy gets all huffy.

So, what's your opinion? Is it GLBT (pronounced Glibbet to rhyme with frog sounding, Ribbett!) or will it be LGBT (pronounced, I guess, as LargeButt?)

J. Tyler Ballance said...

That first line should read, talking with a guy who is helping with the Bill Fleming campaign...

Weird how it got truncated during posting...