Monday, February 15, 2010

Carnival Catsup

When one of my posts finds its way into a blog carnival, the polite thing to do is to post a link to the mention.  Reciprocity is one of the etiquette values of the blogosphere.

Regrettably, I have neglected to note several recent blog carnivals, and I wish to make up for that now -- even though the oldest of these dates back to June 7, 2009.

Starting with that one, The Symposium hosted the 19th Book Review Blog Carnival and mentioned my review of Titanic Legacy, by Paul Heyer, which first appeared on this blog on June 5 of last year and was later reposted at Book Reviews by Rick Sincere on January 6, 2010.

On August 2, 2009,  the British blog, Bart's Bookshelf, hosted the 23rd Book Review Blog Carnival, with a link to my review of Fred Kaplan's book, 1959: The Year Everything Changed, which I posted on July 23.

One day later, on August 3, Kitsch Slapped hosted "History Is Ephemeral, 4th Edition," making note of my reminiscences about the night my family's house caught on fire, complete with -- shall I use the word? yes, I shall -- kitschy newspaper ads from the Wauwatosa News-Times in July 1975.

A blog with a marvelous name in tribute to Jimmy Durante, "I'll Never Forget the Day I Read a Book!," was host for the 33rd edition of the Book Review Blog Carnival on December 21, just a few days before Christmas last year.  It listed my review of  The Daily Telegraph Book of Carols, by Ian Bradley.  That book review was also featured in the 2009 Carnival of Christmas, hosted by Cathouse Chat on December 25.

Two blog carnivals took note of my video from the 2009 Virginia Film Festival in which Matthew Broderick discusses his new movie, Wonderful World, alongside the film's screenwriter and director, Josh Goldin, and producer Glenn Williamson.  Anomalous Material hosted the movie blog carnival on January 13 and hosted the Movie Lover's Carnival on January 27.

Home School Dad
was the host of the 35th edition of the Book Review Blog Carnival, pointing to my review of Rose Marie's 2003 memoir, Hold the Roses.  (That article actually appeared on my book review blog, after first being published in The Metro Herald shortly after the book was released by the University of Kentucky Press.)

Finally, and most recently, Mysteries in Paradise, a blog based in Adelaide, Australia, linked to my long-lost, never-previously-published review of The Wayward Professor, a humorous look at academic life by Joel J. Gold.  Mysteries in Paradise was the Valentine's Day host of the 37th Book Review Blog Carnival.

As I related not long ago, I will be hosting the Book Review Blog Carnival on March 28 at Book Reviews by Rick Sincere.  I am looking forward to receiving many submissions.

That's it for now.  I hope that in this exercise I was able to catch up (catsup -- get it?) with all of the blog carnivals that have linked to me.  If not, please let me know and I'll gladly add a reciprocal link.

Update:  From the Bobo Files, the BoBo Carnival of Politics - Valentine's Day Edition ends with a pointer toward my piece on the Virginia Fifth District congressional candidates' views on the Tenth Amendment.

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