Monday, June 13, 2005

Jump in the Prediction Pool

I won't hazard to guess who will win the various elections taking place this coming Tuesday.

Still, I will make some predictions about voter turnout.

Given past experience with June primaries, I do not think statewide turnout will rise much above 5 percent. I predict 6.2 percent, tops.

In Charlottesville, because we have a hotly contested Democratic primary for the 57th District seat in the House of Delegates -- a seat that has not been open for almost a quarter-century -- turnout should be about equivalent to what we see in a May City Council election. That's between 25 and 30 percent.

My prediction for Charlottesville turnout: 24.4 percent.

Readers: Feel free to make your own predictions about Tuesday's turnout, both statewide in Virginia and for any local races that concern you. There are no prizes for the winning entry other than the knowledge of a job well-done. Just click on "comments" below.

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