Thursday, June 16, 2005

Who's Debating? Whose Debates?

Jerry Kilgore, now the official (not just presumed) gubernatorial nominee of the Republican Party of Virginia, has announced flatly that he refuses to participate in any debates that include both independent candidate Russ Potts (a Republican state Senator from Winchester who is breaking with his party with this maverick bid) and Lieutenant Governor Tim Kaine, the Democratic party's nominee.

As he did in the primary campaign, when he refused even to acknowledge that he had an opponent, George Fitch, Kilgore says he is focused solely on Kaine.

Does Kilgore's refusal stem from fear or complacency? Does he lack confidence in his own abilities as a debater? Is he shy or arrogant?

Here's the key question: How many debates featuring Kaine, Potts, and an empty chair will it take before Kilgore relents?


Robert said...

Who cares about the Republican... is there a Libertarian candidate?

Rick Sincere said...

In 2001, Bill Redpath was the LPVA's candidate for governor and Gary Reams ran for lieutenant governor.

This year, there are no LP candidates for statewide office in Virginia. I am aware of two candidates for the House of Delegates, Donny Ferguson and Chuck Eby, but have not heard news of any other Libertarian candidates.

Robert said...

You have to be kidding! Is the LP of VA targeting lower-level races, or can't they find anyone to run? If I was a Libertarian in VA, I'd be angry and devastated at not being able to vote for an L for statewide office. (When I'm ever confronted with a race without an L, I always write in my own name. I will never cast a vote for a "lesser of two evils".)

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