Friday, June 10, 2005

More Phone Calls from the Candidates

I feel sorry for the postal carrier in my neighborhood. His shoulders must be aching from having to trudge from house to house with so much campaign literature.

Today I received direct-mail pieces from Bob McDonnell, criticizing Steve Baril's lack of experience; from Steve Baril, criticizing Bob McDonnell's lack of ethics; from Bill Bolling, decrying Sean Connaughton's votes to raise taxes; and from Sean Connaughton, decrying Bill Bolling's votes to raise taxes.

That was just today. I had earlier received direct-mail pieces from each of those candidates, at least once every two or three days for the past three weeks. Nothing, however, from the statewide Democratic candidates. (David Toscano has sent me at least two postcards, but I haven't seen anything from Rich Collins or Kim Tingley in my mail yet.)

I also was greeted with more voice-mail messages today. U.S. Representative Virgil Goode, whose Fifth District constituency includes Charlottesville, urged me to vote for Bob McDonnell. Sean Connaughton himself left me a message, urging me to vote for ... well, for Sean Connaughton.

Four more days of this: As Charlie Brown might say to Lucy, "Aaaaaargh!"

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