Monday, September 12, 2005

When I Found You, Part 3

Once again, here are some of the wacky, disturbing, and incomprehensible search strings that brought people to this blog over the past three weeks or so. In some cases, the question is, How did you get from Point A (the search terms) to Point B (here)? In any case: Enjoy!

acknowledging deceased church founder on church letterhead and brochures

african magna carter of 1215

amsterdam bestiality dog sex -video

"american flag"+"swedish tv"+vietnam

asian american
republican coalition for kilgore

ayn rands character ellsworth toohey reminds me of karl rove

benedict xvi high pitched soft voice

breezewood national embarrassment

clips of gay massages

cricket bat sale west yorkshire

does marijuana lead to unemployment that leads to economic downfall

effeminate gay smoker

eva peron+republican party

gaudeamus igitur

Gilligan Skipper gay

goldwater soda can

how to grow dagga

nude models albemarle county charlottesville va


redd foxx incest jokes

"secret service" "closet cases"

"swazi gold"

young sikh lesbians free clips

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