Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Now on Video: The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage

Last month, the South Texas College of Law ("Houston's oldest law school") hosted a symposium entitled "Is Gay Marriage Conservative?" It was designed by the organizers to "foster civil debate among conservatives and within conservative thought about gay marriage" and it focused "on the underlying policy question of whether gay marriage is a good idea from a conservative perspective."

Speakers included former Bush White House speech writer David Frum, author of What It Means to Be a Libertarian Charles Murray, law professor Dale Carpenter, former Bush 43 administration deputy assistant attorney general John Yoo, and journalist/policy analyst Jonathan Rauch.

The presentations made by the various speakers had some provocative titles, among them: "Not Whether but How: Gay Marriage and the Revival of Burkean Conservatism;" "The Conservative Case Against Federal Regulation of Gay Marriage;" "The Libertarian Salvation of a Conservative Institution;" and "Three Bad -- and Unconservative -- Arguments for Same-sex Marriage."

The entire symposium, which took place February 15, is now available in streaming video format on the South Texas College of Law web site. Caveat: I have not yet reviewed all the speeches, so I reserve comment on the content.

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Lorenzo aka erudito said...

It is a useful Symposium. I comment on it here