Monday, March 24, 2008

Vern McKinley Addresses the RLC-Virginia

Vern McKinley is a candidate for Congress in Virginia's 10th District. Last Saturday, he came to the Republican Liberty Caucus of Virginia to seek the group's endorsement.

In this video of McKinley's remarks, he lays out the case for why the RLC-Virginia should endorse him rather than his opponent, incumbent Representative Frank Wolf. (I have incorporated a PowerPoint presentation that McKinley brought to the meeting into the video of his speech; the PowerPoint slides all appear in Part I of the video.)

McKinley points out how Wolf's ratings with the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) have fallen precipitously over the past 13 years, and that Wolf compares unfavorably on several other ratings scales with Congressmen Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) and Ron Paul (R-Texas), who are often cited by RLC members as among the Members of Congress whose positions are closest to the Founders' vision of how a constitutional republic should be governed.

He also shows how Frank Wolf's record parallels that of Maryland Representive Wayne Gilchrest, who was recently defeated in a party primary that focused on many of the same issues that, McKinley believes, make Wolf vulnerable.

The entire video lasts for about 13 minutes, but I had to split it per YouTube's 10-minute-limit rule.

Part I:

Part II:

(Part II seems truncated because it is; I ran out of tape just as RLC-Virginia chairman D.J. McGuire was commenting on former state Senator John Chichester's decision to retire last year.)

For more information on Vern McKinley, check out his campaign's Facebook group; for more information on the RLC-Virginia, check out the state organization's blog.

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