Friday, March 07, 2008

Ron Paul: The Revolution Continues

While not withdrawing officially from the 2008 presidential race -- but still acknowledging that the goal of the nomination for Republican standard-bearer is unattainable -- Congressman Ron Paul has laid out his vision for a post-campaign strategy designed to renew America's commitment to liberty.

Using the new media -- posting a video on YouTube -- Dr. Paul explains that elections are short-term while revolutions are long-term projects. He suggests that supporters of his campaign should continue to work together to promote the ideas brought to the fore by his campaign. Dr. Paul, it seems, knows that this effort was always bigger than one man. (Unlike Obamamania, for instance, the Paul campaign has been about ideas and not a cult of personality.)

Dr. Paul mentions the date of June 21 as the best one for a march on Washington, in which lovers of liberty can gather in the Nation's Capital to bring their ideas to the backyards of Congress and the President, with the eyes of the media on them, as well. With good luck, hard work, and good organization, perhaps this will be a (non-violent) repeat of 1968 and the "whole world [will be] watching."

Here is Congressman Paul's video message, which is dated March 6:

"The revolution will be televised"? That is so 20th century.

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