Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tertium Quids Has a Blog

The Virginia-centric public policy advocacy organization, Tertium Quids, now has a blog.

I have written about Tertium Quids on previous occasions, most recently with regard to a news conference in Richmond on creating more transparency in the state budget. (I earlier wrote about a Tertium Quids event at which Citizens Against Government Waste released a state "piglet book," exposing pork in the Virginia budget.)

The new Tertium Quids blog is shepherded by Norm Leahy, whose recent postings address the failed HB 3202 transportation package and its "abusive driver fees," the Free Lance-Star's pressure on Speaker Howell to support tax increases, and observations on the General Assembly's budget conference committee.

We'll be reading the Tertium Quids blog with much interest, particularly during the legislative sessions and state and local election campaigns (which means virtually all year round).

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