Friday, June 12, 2009

Carnival Notes

Two notable blog carnivals have picked up a couple of my recent entries.

In its June 7 edition, the BoBo Carnival of Politics points to my posting of Adnan Barqawi's speech to the delegates at the Republican Party of Virginia's state convention, adding:

Simply awesome. If you don’t mind - I will take this video off your website and post up later in the week - of course giving credit to you. I think this is something that all Americans need to hear. Americans have taken for granted what this kid sees as an opportunity. He is proof that America still is, and can forever be, a beacon of hope for all. As this country marches towards the path to socialism - we should realize what a huge mistake that would be for this country and the world. I think this kid said it all. Thanks for submitting this to the Carnival.
A blog called Scheiss Weekly hosts the Carnival of Education, and mentions my post about James Greenwald, the Latin teacher at Marquette University High School in Milwaukee, who is retiring after 40 years, saying:
Rick Sincere honors his Latin teacher and shares a dirty joke with us over at ‘Ave, Greenwald’: MUHS Latin Teacher Retires posted at Rick Sincere News and Thoughts.

Dr. Bernard Bull posts a list of textbook alternatives, many of which our students are already using, at Five Technologies / Movements that Will Turn Textbooks into Antiques posted at Etale - Life in the Digital World.

Pinyo shares with us how scary it is that so many young teens can’t wait to get a credit card so they’ll be “financially free!” Check out his concerns at A Credit Card Is Not Your Ticket To Financial Freedom posted at Moolanomy Personal Finance.
Stay tuned as more carnivals pick up material from this blog.

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