Wednesday, June 03, 2009

'Schilling Show' Host to Guest on 'Fox & Friends'

Local Charlottesville radio talk-show host Rob Schilling will be a guest on "Fox & Friends" later this morning on the Fox News Channel. The segment is set to air at 8:45 a.m. (Eastern Time).

Schilling, a former member of the Charlottesville City Council, is getting national attention for a post to his show's blog about an Albemarle County middle-school teacher who seems to be indoctrinating her students about politics, rather than teaching them about civics and government. Schilling's guest spot on "Fox & Friends" will anchor a discussion about the responsibilities of teachers to be evenhanded in their discussions of current issues.

His blogpost features photographs from Henley Middle School teacher Margie Shepherd's classroom and states:

Proudly promulgated in Mrs. Shepherd’s cultivation chamber, is a printed, bingo-like game piece mocking Republican Alaska Governor and former Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. This derisive display, apparently acquired from the web site, Palin Bingo, ridicules Gov. Palin via association of her likeness with a number of traducing terms and by displaying a banner over her head, which reads, “AIR SPACE.”

How might this inappropriate and partisan political display affect the comfort level of any child in that classroom who happens to support Governor Palin and/or the Republican Party?

In addition to the insulting insinuation that Gov. Palin is an “airhead,” the same classroom is rife with “ecological,” “United Nations,” and “pacifist/peace” propaganda, all posted with no counterbalancing counsel for pupils’ perusal.
Quoting extensively from an Albemarle County school policy manual, Schilling concludes that Ms. Shepherd's teaching methods are at odds with the rules of the school division.

The story that Schilling broke on his blog (and that he has discussed briefly on his WINA-AM radio program) has already been covered by WCAV-TV in Charlottesville, not once, but twice.

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