Monday, June 01, 2009

Going Viral

I realize it's no "David After Dentist" or "Strange Faces and Noises I Can Make III," but these measurements are all relative, aren't they?

What I'm talking about is the sudden burst of YouTube popularity of the videos I posted yesterday -- less than 24 hours ago -- of the address at the Republican Party of Virginia's state convention by recent Virginia Tech graduate Adnan Barqawi, who wowed the crowd with his vigorous articulation about what it means to be an American and the values that should motivate Republican activists and voters.

It took over two years for one of the first videos I posted on YouTube to reach the level of 10,000 views. And that one featured a teen-idol-style celebrity, William Moseley of the Chronicles of Narnia movies.

As of a few minutes ago, the first part of Adnan Barqawi's speech had reached 2,696 views (more than 100 per hour) and the second part had reached 1,377 views. (Really, folks, you have to stay for the whole thing. It's only about 17 minutes long in its entirety.)

The viral nature of this video (again, relatively speaking) has been boosted by mentions on blogs and Tweets on Twitter.

If Adnan Barqawi's speech on YouTube reaches 10,000 views before the end of the week, you'll read about it here.

Update, Friday, 4:08 p.m.: As I predicted, sometime in the past 12 hours, the views of Part I of Adnan Barqawi's speech to the RPV convention reached 10,170; Part II has had 5,861 views.

Update 2: The full text of Adnan Barqari's remarks is now available on the Virginia GOP's web site.

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