Friday, June 12, 2009

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Coinciding with his hosting of representatives of the Constitution Party, Libertarian Party, and Republican Party on his daily radio chat show on WINA-AM, Rob Schilling has posted a poll on The Schilling Show Blog asking:

With which political party philosophy do you most closely align?
Located on the right sidebar, the poll offers four choices -- the three parties mentioned above, plus the Democratic Party.

Over on Virginia Virtucon, Riley has uncovered a proposed piece of legislation sponsored by Representative Carolyn Maloney of New York (along with ten cosponsors) in the House and by Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley (and zero cosponsors) in the other chamber. The bill would incorporate "breastfeeding" into the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as a federally-protected civil right. It also includes quality control of breast pumps as a civil rights matter.

As Jack Paar might say, "I kid you not!" You can look up the bills on Thomas for proof: H.R. 2819 and S. 1244.

Norm Leahy asks at Tertium Quids whether charter schools could be the "big idea" that propels Bob McDonnell into the Governor's Mansion. Virginia has one of the weakest, most burdensome, and least expansive charter schools law in the country, so improving that situation would be a big boost for parents who want to choose better schools for their children, reducing bureaucratic red tape, and improving competition (and thus quality of output) in the government school system. Norm writes:
Could charters be the Big Idea? Possibly. If so, then we may be in for a campaign that actually engages in a wide-ranging debate on education reform -- a debate that Virginia has avoided for far too long.
At the Daily Beast, former President George W. Bush has a tribute to his father, former President George H.W. Bush, on the occasion of the latter's 85th birthday. (The tribute does not require any skydiving.) Bush 43 says about Bush 41:
I've lived with being "George Bush's son" all my life. Growing up, I probably didn't want to be like him. Today it's ironic that much of my career parallels his. He went to Yale. I went to Yale. He was a Navy pilot. I flew F-102s in the Texas Air National Guard. Now that I'm in political life, I like to say I've inherited half of his friends and all of his enemies. Of course, there will be some who will prejudge me, but that's OK: I don't expect to get all of the votes anyway. Being George Bush's son is a tremendous plus....

My dad and I continue to have an honest relationship, very straightforward. I considered him a mentor, not only as a young lad but also as an adult. And he's still a mentor today. I occasionally talk to him about policy matters. He has great judgment. I'm George Bush's son—and I think the world of him.
Warning: Many of the posted comments underneath the article are snarky and rude.

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