Friday, January 24, 2014

Does Justin Bieber think he's Michael Jackson? What does this odd photo say?

Earlier this afternoon, Justin Bieber broke two days of silence on Instagram -- interrupted by his arrest in Miami Beach for drag racing, DUI, and resisting arrest -- to post this photograph of himself as he left the court house:

Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson: via Instagram

It's possible that the Canadian teen heartthrob has juxtaposed his photo with that of the former King of Pop is simply that he saw aesthetic similarites. The two photographs have similar composition and framing, and they both benefit from a certain black-and-white chiaroscuro.

I think, however, it is more likely an expression of the Biebs' feeling victimized by "The Man," just as MJ was before his grisly, drug-induced death.

After all, the caption Bieber put on his photo -- which has been "liked" more than 513,000 times -- was:  "What more can they say".

I'm not sure I could have put it better myself.


Rick Sincere said...

I can't believe my 5-week-old Dylan Sprouse/nude selfie post is getting more traffic than this new one is:

Is that bad news for Justin?

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson was not at all like the arrogant Bieber, and Bieber's constant claims that he & Jackson are similar are a cheap attempt to win the favor of Jackson fans.
In the beginning of Bieber's career, many Jackson fans were fooled by those claims, but they caught on to Bieber's motives long, long ago and have long been disgusted by bieber's ridiculous claims, as well as his actions.