Monday, May 19, 2008

Brownlee vs. Cuccinelli

Various news sources are predicting that, tomorrow, former U.S. Attorney John Brownlee will announce his plans to run for Virginia Attorney General in 2009, setting up a contest with state Senator Ken Cuccinelli of Fairfax County.

Brownlee sent out a press release regarding a news conference at which he will reveal his intentions. The biggest clue that he will, in fact, be running is that the news release was printed on "Brownlee for Attorney General" letterhead.

Just for fun, here is a preference poll for this race:

Whom do you support for the Republican nomination for Virginia Attorney General?

1) John Brownlee
2) Ken Cuccinelli

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You might see versions of this poll on other blogs belonging to The Jeffersoniad, a collective of Virginia bloggers.

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Anonymous said...

I heard KC has endorsed Mr. Earmark himself, Frank Wolf.