Friday, May 23, 2008

Jeffersoniad News

A new weekly feature of the Jeffersoniad collective of Virginia bloggers is the "Jeffersoniad Journal," a blog carnival featuring members of the collective. (It's really more of an anarcho-syndicalist commune, but I should refrain from speaking out of school.)

The latest "Jeffersoniad Journal" is now up and ready to read at Cathouse Chat.

For those who might be in Richmond next weekend for the cage match between Jim Gilmore and Bob Marshall and the less newsworthy (but organizationally important) bout between John Hager and Jeff Frederick, there are rumors that the Jeffersoniad may be hosting a hospitality suite at the state GOP convention. Stay tuned for more details.

And don't forget to convey your birthday wishes to Kat's daddy. He celebrates 90 years on May 24!

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