Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jeffersoniad Hospitality Suite at the RPV Convention

Virginia Republicans are converging on Richmond this weekend for a convention that will choose a candidate for the United States Senate (either Jim Gilmore or Bob Marshall) and a new state chairman (either Jeff Frederick or John Hager), as well as assorted other officers and about half the delegates to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis scheduled for later this summer.

Of course, if there's a convention, there will be hospitality suites. Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling, who are running as a team for governor and lieutenant governor, respectively, in 2009, will be hosting a joint suite to celebrate their joint birthdays. No doubt state Attorney General candidates Ken Cuccinelli and John Brownlee will be offering hospitality, as well -- and perhaps rumored AG candidate Dave Foster will, too.

One suite sponsored by non-candidates will be hosted by the Jeffersoniad bloggers collective (which includes yours truly). As Jason Kenney reports and invites:

The Jeffersoniad Blog Coalition will be hosting a hospitality suite at the Republican Convention May 30th - 9PM - 1 AM in room B19 at the Richmond Convention Center. All of this is made possible by a generous sponsorship by Rhumb Line and Speaker Bill Howell.

If you’re at the convention, please stop by for some dessert and coffee and some conversing with Virginia’s finest bloggers and me.

Scott's Morning Brew has the story. So does Leslie Carbone. And Bearing Drift. And Rappahannock Red. And Cathouse Chat. And Shaun Kenney. And Conservativa, too.

We'll see you there!

Update: I just got this information in a mass email from Ken Cuccinelli:
As you may already know, I am running for Attorney General next year, and I'd like the opportunity to meet you and speak with you in person about my candidacy. If you're going to be in Richmond this Friday, May 30th, please consider stopping by our hospitality suite after the RPV Gala. We will be located in Room B13 in the Ballroom Building of the Richmond Convention Center.
It looks like Ken's team will be just down the hall from the Jeffersoniad folks.


Anonymous said...

And don't forget the RON PAULERS!! We too have a suite.

Charlie Judd hired extra security but they'll only be at the convention. Judd is such a pussy cat.

Rick Sincere said...

Anonymous, it would have been helpful if you had posted information about the location and time of the Ron Paul suite at the RPV convention. You won't get many people there if you keep such details secret.