Saturday, May 31, 2008

More from the 2008 RPV Convention

It was mostly food, drink, and conviviality tonight at the Republican Party of Virginia's 2008 convention, which tomorrow gets down to serious business and the nomination of a U.S. Senate candidate as well as the election of a new party chairman.

Hospitality suites in both the convention center and the Marriott Hotel were crowded with delegates and guests.

I started out at the Jeffersoniad hospitality suite and ended at Tucker Watkins room in the Marriott. In between I visited suites hosted by Jim Gilmore, John Hager, Jeff Frederick, Ken Cuccinelli, Ron Paul (who wasn't present), the Albemarle County GOP, Americans for Prosperity ... and others (they tend to blur together in one's mind).

There was time to capture a few photos, but it's hard to juggle a camera with a drink in one hand and a plate of chicken fingers or petits fours in another.

Eighth Congressional District candidate Amit Singh was making the rounds.

Blogger Shaun Kenney was interviewed by a local Richmond TV crew

More news on Saturday.

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