Friday, May 30, 2008

That's Incredible!

Last Saturday I saw a production at Live Arts in Charlottesville called The Beard of Avon (written by Amy Freed, it purports to tell the story about how William Shakespeare, a bit-part actor, was the front who, by request of the true playwrights, put his name on all the hits we have come to associate with his oeuvre).

Today I saw a news story that could have been headlined "The Beard of Aiken":

"American Idol" vet Clay Aiken is going to be a father, according to

Citing "multiple sources," the site reported that the mother is Jaymes Foster, who served as executive producer of his new album, On My Way Here, and is a close friend. The site said he stays at her home when he's in Los Angeles.

The site said Foster, 50, is due in August, and this will be her first child. She is the sister of hit producer David Foster. Aiken is 29.

As if to clear up -- or is it make more murky? -- the mystery, sources also report that the pregnancy was achieved by artificial insemination.

Brave, brave Sir Robin, indeed.

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